Saturday, February 02, 2008

Yesterday was great!!

yeah I was at the parade meeting and greating some folks along with my n phi bruh's and sis... yeah yeah.. Everything was good despite this random girl --in the Picture> who went off on me because My Boy Tremaine told her that i snapped a Picture of her.. He did that purposely, See the thing was. I was snapping a picture of him and he moved out of the way. so when the picture came up it was that random girl.. He looked at her and said "say girl, he took a picture of u and is gonna put it on myspace" .. and She Started calling me All Kinds of Derogatory names, Im like MAN THIS GIRL DON'T KNOW ME TO BE CALLIN ME OUT LIKE THIS.. .. But I didnt say anything i just let her go off .. while tremaine and Javon was sayin Man If i was you I'd beat her *** for talkin to me .. I was like YEH BUT IT WAS YALL WHO STARTED THAT MESS .. and im like dawg . . yet they tellin everybody that this lil Girl just Went off at the mouth on me .. yet they didnt tell nobody it was on Their behalf ..

and So Now Im like this ... You Put me On Blast In the Public .. I guess i have the Right to post this Picture ...

Dawg .. These kids got some Mouths on them these days. she needed to be shut up but somebody Way too much Profanity.. I was Called all kinds of names...... see me, I feel like this tho.. One day she's gonna be In need and her attitudes will be the reason nobody wants to assist her. .. if yall know what im sayin...

I dont wish bad things on people at all, and as much as I try to be good to folks, things like this always seem to happen. But to be a man about those situation, I try to stand my ground and say nothin'.

The thing is, She doesn't know me. .. and just like any "stranger" you dont know what anyone is capable of. Especially here in New Orleans..

which reminds me that somebody was shot too on the parade route yesterday. what ever it was happened inside a building though so it wasn't a big deal. .. still sad....

Speakin' of that, .. I had me a Nice Strawberry Extreme from Smoothie King.
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