Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Whats This?" A Question asked about a Greek Lettered Org.

On one of the HBCU  Band groups on facebook, This Photo sparked conversation about real Greek Orgs, Fake Greek Orgs and non Greeks existing in an HBCU campus. I had to comment... But first I'll share what others have said. Before I do that, I'll say that. from what I've read. this is a Sectional Fraternity called "Snare Psi Phi" and they're acknowledged among a few college bands in the region. as well as part of a DCI program as well from what I had seen. Although that raised a question alone. I figured i'd leave it alone. because everybody else in the thread had clowned these guys based on the hand signals the shirts and everything else .. Well.  here are some of their comments
Ya'll niggas will make anything into a greek letter organization This that dumb shyt that got that boy killed at FAMU. Cuz you got losers takin too much pride in some shyt that shouldn't even be that damn serious....Like a Bus. -  - Napoleon G. 
 Some people just like getting hazed - Jared M
My big question is why are we making up more stuff, is KKPSI and Phi Mu Alpha not enough for an all around musician and bandsman? - Larrion 
In my observation, I've found that a lot of people in these newer organizations were rejected, dropped, or didn't have the grades to pledge the already established music orgs such as ΦΜΑ or KKΨ  Nowadays, everyone wants to have a "process" and throw a Greek letter in the name so they can identify with orgs that were established many years ago! - Kameron B

Respect where? I respect percussionist like Vic Firth, Steve Weiss, Murray Gusseck, etc that made it into a business to help percussionist everywhere instead of a fraternity. We always think we need a fraternity/organization to prove our point but a business will be more sufficient in my eyes of students. Now you have to pledge to a black percussionist, snare drummer, or cymbal player? That's what percussion instructor/band director jobs looking for now?! - Larroin

So what you are you going to do..........stop them from reppin they shit? I doubt it so that's why I say I respect whatever those person have. Who are we to judge them for this.......nobody, only person that can judge is the good lord above. I'm no heavily opinionated unless its breaking code of my organizations that's all I'm saying. - Brandon P
..I feel no type of way......I call a spade a spade.....everybody wanna be "frat like" now...... Niggas aint relevant so they wanna create something to try to be..... - Erick A
Smh ignorance is bliss. Its funny how people put down what they don't understand. When will we come out of the dark ages and learn acceptance. Ijs - JC Washington
And for others in this thread, I believe they are saying folks are joining these other orgs just to have letters and numbers. A sense of belonging. In some cases, it's true..But pro shows, stepping, etc...that's doing the most. And that's MY opinion. If that's what you do then by all means. But in a way, it comes off as a sense of wanting to be accepted in the Greek letter world at HBCUs. That's what you guys are failing to see. I see both ends... - Ashlee
people dissin this but what is the purpose of the divine nine fraternities and sororities then , all orgs have a purpose tho we may not understand what they do doesnt mean we should down right trash them for wanting to bring people together its not just about letters you know - Prince T. 
Me and ol buddy got into it last night because he was being ignorant, you can't sit here and criticize something and then you have no exact reasons to do so. He constantly kept saying "Fake Frat" when his ass hadn't even pledged D9 or Honorary Society or anything. I myself have done both and I damn sure don't get offended about it because I understand it. I crossed my section in the band and subsection as well and I am also a member of Z Phi Z. But truthfully y'all it's going to be some IGNORANT individuals when it comes to things like this regardless. - Brandon P

ey now I'm not apart of any of these things but just cuz you don't feel it's official doesn't mean it isn't. The White people y'all are saying they are just using to validate is just like any org that gets famous people. You don't have to respect it. Your respect isn't what validates it! Who walks around begging for letters anyways? Letter chasers??? Lol man y'all niggas are a trip on here. - Anthony A
...and even though there were countless others, here was my Post

I feel like this ..(LONG POST WARNING). There's nothing wrong with self governing greek orgs that are registered legally with the state/ And/or Schools.. But organizations that are not recognized legally or officially somewhere will almost  always become a problem somehow on campus.

The 8 BGLO's of the NPHC have never been the "Only" Black Greeks (or Greeks period), they're just more prestigious among the ranks of thousands, both as A governing body as well as as Separate organizations. Depending on what type of school u attend they're a big deal on campus as well..

There are always going to be underground or unofficial and off campus GLO's that aren't acknowledged by the school, They exist whether they are directly or indirectly associated with something in the school and acknowledged by the student body.

This heppens especially within bigger orgs like the band,  which in band we FRATERNIZE EVERYTHING. Whether it be section frats, bus frats, clique Frats, city frats, crab class frats, practice room frats, friendship frats and even frats based off who didn't make the other frats. Yet the only 4 orgs always affiliated directly with the band will always and forever be Kappa Kappa Psi, Tau Beta Sigma, Phi Mu Alpha & Sigma Alpha Iota.. Any other org acknowledged within the band or by its members whether officially or unofficially is beneath those four.

With that said ..There are NPHC BGLO members who tend to believe that frats not governed by the NPHC are fake.  those are just a small amount of idiotic, close minded individuals  who don't know better.

Now days we've gotten to the point where schools have "Greek vs Non Greek" shows .(can't call them step shows because Greeks don't step anymore lol) .. but the reality is they all can co-exist drama free if they all stood their ground and not be the cause of the controversy that exists. Not every organization is meant to be grow to nationally and that's just that .
 I say Let them Live... that's all...

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