Wednesday, March 05, 2008

ahh wow man..

So I got news about Cats dying that attends SU, its just sad, one was shot up, maybe wasn't on campus i think. but another was an N.O. dude who Choked to death. what a shame.

in other news, I was watching todays Ballot of the Bullet and it seems like "Brother Chui"  (or what ever his name is)  Doesn't want to realize the Truth. This cat gets on TV talking all of this racism and his guest on todays show  even disagreed with him on his whole Philosophy. and basically The mans mentality is "if it ain't black he don't support it" .. He's like Uber militant with his attitudes. he has the mindset of an Ignorant radical and although many times he's right. He is always WRONG for speaking so much hate.

I mean man.. We  all have things we dislike about others. but its not that serious to the point where you have to Boycott everything that you assume isnt Black.. thats Ignorant

just SUCKS.. His guess at the end of the show (in the mist of the fussing) asked "Brother Chui" does he have a HS diploma, He (chewy) refused to answer, he also refused others calls  why Because he wants to be heard and doesn't want to listen. Thats what got him INTO the prison system before hand. now hes out and thinks that his philosophy is gonna Free The Black world.

If only you all could see this show and how REAL and Ignorant it is.. and the thing is ..It DRAWS YOU IN so you'll want to hear more of his crap just to Rant like me

But I like it in a way..
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