Thursday, March 06, 2008


I called in to The Compaq PC repair place and FINALLY its going in!! i get a Box in 10 days and i'll do me well!

yeah man..

in other news, I might be going back to Houston. yeah. Trying to get away from here. SUCDC wants me back and has really made an effort to get me back. I really want to try. the hard part is influencing my folks that i can go out and live on my own. I guess I'll call my sister and talk to her about it.

Its about time that i Do something, I'm tired of having to Baby site and yet be supervision all the time.. Meaning that I'm tired of being "On Call" for my family ya know. its like when i'm not here they have a problem with me being gone. Well this time I want to LEAVE and GO!! ya know!.. thats just how I feel. For me, I'd need some Transportation and My Bed and im good. I think that everything else is There already. .. NOOO its not! dang.. I'd to find a washeteria, a stove and all that because i dont think those apartments have anything but maybe an Icebox

Umm.. wow man, the best thing is that They're not asking for much ya know.
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