Monday, March 03, 2008

The Book's Weekend and More

So yeah, after I got to that CompUSA i found that it was only opened for 2 more days and was closing shop for good. This means that I CAN'T get my pc Fixed. well at least not under their services. Actually no, lol. Theres a company who Ran CompUSA, Comp was only the distributor. a guy gave me the number I can call to get my Notebook serviced. which is GREAT because it needs too be real soon or I lose my warranty.

After that, we went to Clearview Mall to a game shop for my brother and nephew, They got some old N64 games to play. how great! From there I got a Banana Boat Smoothie and called it a day ..LOL

We went to my sisters home for a while where i attempted to "Fix" her PC again. The SLOWEST IN THE UNIVERSE!. McAfee is blocking everything and thats why .. anyway well, at least i got to play with my nephew!

OOO Speaking off a nephew, At about 4am yesterday I called my sister alike 8 times because my nepew Ty Was breathing Really Hard. he has Athsma and wasn't breathing properly. .. She came here and took him home to et some medicine, They rushed here with the wrong medicine. we didnt have his medicine here by us. so that sucked.

I finally got a New Tripod yesterday. . Unfortunately, I didn't see the other stuff i wanted, but hey I did see Sylvania! that was great!.. i talked to her last night and well yeah, she's still her. LOL gotta talk to James (her bro) dude was my best friend in middle school, She told me that they She has a kid now and that James has 2.. so im like DANG!!! Wow man lol

you know i had other things on my mind but i forgot what they were. kinda funny too.. .. sux
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