Saturday, March 01, 2008

So It's Finally going in!

I'm going to CompUSA today to throw my Notebook in the shop, The monitor is at some low resolution due to the monitors main light being blown out some how. It really sux because when i get this thing back, everything on it will be gone. Welll.. i only have the rest of this month to put it in. My warranty I think I should throw another 2 years warranty on it. either that or see if it could be traded in. I still have an XP and a Vista Upgrade Needs to be made. I dont really know what to say is wrong with the PC though other than im having audio and video problems. ahh and that the system would blow out on my some times while playing media. and thats not right. a system that Turns Completely off while watching Youtube or listening to Winamp? thats CRAZY ya know.

My brother and Nephew wants to go to Gametrader, yet they dont know where it is, They told my daddy that it was Everywhere. Meaning that its next to "that Big Movie Theater"  .. But they didn't name a street .LOL Soo.. I got up to look for a location.. Ahh its in the same spot it was in Pre Katrina,  and yes they remember going ther, LOL. umm.. They want to buy some old games, games that are similar to the omes they already have and I dont understand that.  I could understand if they wanted a Newer version. or a new game they've never played .. but they want DOWNGRADES.. for example.  They want Goldeneye 007. .. but we already have Perfect Dark, which was a Better  Game because it was created with advanced "Stuff"...
 Now if he gets Zelda, then Hey!/ thats alright.

I just hope they get the right stuff.

Yesterday my cousin JJ passed over here. talking about he didnt see in a long time, which is true. but he also came to USE me again. He gave me his full resume, which i will probably have to type up to thow Online, He's trying to work at Home Depot. and well yeah he needs a Job (which he's already working)
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