Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thurdsay Whats What...

Yeah, I feel asleep and i woke up like an hour ago, so here's my post of whatever

I've been Really In to my Alma Mater's Ning Site 'Til yesterday I created my own Ning for My Frat. I hope they join up too. We use Facebook for primary communication but publically that needed to change. I'll make a General Info site as well, due to ning really only being a Social Network, It isn't capable of having Pages of general info other than the Blog and forum area. but those are what they are Blog and forums ya know.

Ning is Wonderful, It works! Way better than Crowdvine I can tell you that much.

Yesterday My aunt and her kids came by the house, My cousin had to do a report on Charles Darwin. she said she chose Darwin because the topic was easier than choosing to do aids and syphilis.

My Brother came over Monday, yeah, He doesn't want to go to Houston, he gave me many reasons why too. The main reason is that he figured that cant handle the environment. I told him I'd be good with doing what I do. Yeah I know I can work here and save money too. but I'd rather do it on my own than to sit here and do nothing. Yeah I Can find a job here. but I refuse to be stranded. LOL .. yeah its sort of an excuse but these buses do run funny here in N.O. anyway, My brother doesn't understand what a Vista is, It WAS my Job title and he didn't get that. he figured somebody wouldn't hire me because he believes that AmeriCorps is not Real Job. because of the fact that I worked at different locations and at one point even had money troubles. That had nothing to do with Americorps. So they asked. What if South Union doesnt pull through. I told them that I wouldnt live there because then I'd have nowhere to stay. My brother is over protective.

They don't realize that when we were in Houston, I was the one working. I paid the bills we had. I saved Money. Yeah I needed a Ride because i lived so far away But i WONT if i do get there. He Has his reasons about Gangs.. im like .. YEAH IM FROM N.O AND I'd GET PROFILED .. But gangs there dont scare me its Not even that common. Their crime is not as bad as here and I hadn't been messed with here. like that EVER.

He had Questions about Transportation, Bills, What would i do on the weekend (being that i don't go anywhere here). I told him that I'd have somewhere to go and people to go around. But he doesn't like the fact that I'd Be with people that He Thinks I don't Know. Nor Does he Want me around TSU's band because he feels that I ain't in that band stuff no more so i shouldn't be involved with it . .. I told this fool that when I was working i NEVER went around TSU until I registered for school. and That I don't have a reaason to go around the school other than for Football games and stuff like that.. But He dont care for that. He was like "How u gonna get there".. ON THE BUS!!.. lol.. now its like, How r u gonna catch the bus..LOL.. im like dang. DUDE I'll FIGURE IT OUT!!

Man Yeah.. I dont Know EVERYTHING about everything. But if im on my own I know that I'll HAVE TO. I just feel that im over supervised in this house. even when nobodies home, because too many people want me to do things and have problems when i don't answer the phone. Things like that.

My sister told me that she felt that i needed to get a job now so i can save money to get to Houston. and well she's right I do. because I wont be able to get help moving there. So I told her that Even If I did get a job and work my butt off for the money. I won't be able to move there By myself. Why? I don't Drive. They blame me for it But I never learned. I'd still need to Get there with the help of somebody. .. Then they bring Their problems in it Im Myself, If I cant do it myself doesnt mean i don't need to. It never hurts to Try and Fail. because i know that there's always something that I'll DO and Succeed.

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