Tuesday, April 01, 2008

..And Nookie is Out of Prison

Man, This dude, is Out and were happy he is. Seems like he's good to go too!. Doesn't look messed up or anything so thats great. He isn't living here though, He lives with his Girlfriend in Zachary LA. I think he got out a few weeks ago. Thats good though, He doesn't need to live here. He was young when he did what he did and He's grown from those days.

Sunday, We all were messing with him about playing Tecmo Bowl, because before he went in, Tecmo bowl was the hot an popular football game to play. yeah We Went to my grandmas house to just about celebrate his release. It's wild though man that He's out after 4 family members have passed and well he didn't get to see or attend the funerals of my grandma and my cousin.

I Got to see all my Cousins and Some New Cousins, We have Many babies who are born and are being born in the family now.

At the end of the night, Tory put up the music. and Seems like my Cousin JJ wanted to fight everybody. I had to grab him and put him over my head to have him to stop swingin'. He wanted to fight the guy who was dancing with my cousin in the house .. it was his neice , but she's grown. and i think all the commotion could have been solved if maybe he would have calmed down to TALK instead of trying to fight. .. My arms are still hurting ..lol and that was TWO DAYS AGO!! ..lol

Well not many in the family know about that incident because it happened when everyone was leaving. I think that it doesn't really need to be discussed beyond that point. because he was gonna have everybody involved due to his Actions while Intoxicated. ya know.

Well Now .. yeah my arms hurt.. I torture-racked him ..LOL

anyway .. Yeah.. We're all glad that Nookie is out, but as for JJ.. he needs to go In ..LMAO!
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