Tuesday, April 22, 2008

exactly what im talking about

of all things, Sunday I discussed some situations on Msport to Gerard, Just so happens that Monday morning he gets a letter in relation to the beef topic and he hits me up. so now im like WOW!! its the same thing i've been explaining to these members.

Basically The Members get mad at me cause I delete their messy posts. and They say I'm showing favoritism. toward those girls. but out of the letter, what i got is that I'm not doing enough. this man was basically part of the mess. he this letter came from the other party .. meaning it came from the other Beefeez Camp and i just thought that was wild ya know.

I try to do my best to moderate these boards, but im not superman, i cant catch everything. I ask them to report bad posts but they don't .. some do.. but well.. yeah its just wild to me,,

I let those girls know whats up and they were like "wow" ..

I think its a shame that that stuff got out there that much in the first place. they're pro's at what they do and i hate it when any of them are being put down.

anyway .. They're back. but its cool for now . it doesn't matter. I'm just waiting for them to take out the posers ya know.

Im just mad that this cat was mad at 3rd party comments on the board. all he really had to do was send call up and say "can u get rid of this for me" and be out. but noooo he's challanging the sites credibility and things. it didn't have to be all that either!..

I feel that I'm doing a good job Administrating and both sides dissagree. Ones mad cause In doing my duity and the other's mad cause they say im not. so what in gonna do is Do what i do .. and yeah .. my judgment is what its about.

The Book is fair..lol you don't come in my territory telling me how to do what i do.

its just weird man..
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