Monday, April 28, 2008

Murders In The City

As much as I am fed up with The Daily Murders in New Orleans, and deeling with the deaths around my family and family friends, and neighborhood associates, I found my self reading an article on nola where the muderer just happened to be somebody I know. and well It's a shame.

You never know what anyones intentions are. according to the article (here), the Killing happened Months ago . I saw it on the news and it slipped my mind. it took a news paper article and That link to Confirm who it was him. .. and well it Sad to know. its like .. what was running through his mind when he did that??? Thats if he actually was the one to Do it. because according to word of mouth. His accomplice told all. and fled the city. what a shame.

I hate that this is somebody I know. ahh dang.... * i just got a call from my brother*

At this point I just just got news that two people got killed today.. Those were former marching bandsmen and apparently that had something to do with the death of margret and Tony

See how it is man.. Sad .. I'll be back... Sad news .. im talkin 2 my brother about it /

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