Friday, April 11, 2008

So people are special.

I spent my time doing stuff n stuff.

I went to my sisters house to wait on a package it came early. during that time, I decided to get back msport from the night b4 only yo see a full convo about me. and why my post was disrespectful. .lol That dude took a simple statement out of context. on ME but didnt say anything to the person who knocked them. .. REEEEE!!! .. lol

anyway.. My Movie week consisted of these films
  • I'm Gonna get you sucka
  • Kung Pow
  • Grindhouse
and well yeah thats all really. Grindhouse is a beast!

lol when I was at my sisters house Tigger got caught in a glue Rat Trap It was funny!.. he was smiling like he was lost and he knew he did something wrong. These dogs are a TRIP!!

I've been deep in to these Alumni affairs ..with my alma mater. well as far as the website goes. Same as my Frat. got work to do!

anyway. aahh man I gotta post the video here!! The K Legacy!! that sucka is a beast. I'd like everyone to see that. its amazing.

OOOOH! useless part of this post!

My Beard feels funny .. i gotta shave .. i have a Thick string of hair that is just THERE

I had a shrimp sandwich today and i thought it was gonna be GREAT by the way the lady in the back was about helpin me out .lol those shrimps tasted OLD.... and well.. yeah sux .. bootleg 9th ward po-boy .. LOL too much hot sauce for that french bread I had it with apple juice and 2 Monsters .. yeah i waited a while to eat that 2nd half.

ahh On youtube theres a man with a Large Ball .....

OOOOOOOO and Two of my Friends from da spote dun put there Sexual Relations on Xtube. and welll.. the Whole SWAC knows about it according to Those who saw it and those who passed it around. Its the Thang to see amongst The band members now. Shame ..LOL. But i talked to both of them and they say they dont care. .. but they do.. yet thats them.. and oh well.. Here today Gone Tomorrow kinda stuff u know..

IMO it shouldn't have gotten that far out. not even to ME ya know... but oh well

Umm.. wow man.. Now that i have my pc back i've been doing all the wrong things to get it back where it should be.. i think im gonna have to do a super cleansing or something .. once again Tigger is the stupidest dog on the planet he just laid in my notebook bag .. SUX

.. ahh theres more.. but i dont know what to say right now...
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