Tuesday, April 15, 2008

That Colony of Polygamist is just horrible

The FLDS Sect full of Polygamist has been on in the news all day, I'm watching AC360 now because i finally decided to watch and see what was going on.. because at first i thought somebody had died.. So basically i sat here and listen to this woman talk of Their Religion and Anderson was right she did sound as if she was told to say what she had to say..

Yeah I'd want my kids back but i do feel that they don't need to be in an environment of that nature. that lifestyle is very sinful and really nasty.. its a shame. its Illegal to marry that many people in America. Those kids dont need to be anywhere where they are forced to do anything that they don't have to do. ...enslaved minds.. I feel sorry for all the kids.

This is Horrible. are they following the same GOD? How does this affect the Mormon Church? Do they believe in polygamy???

I'll keep watching.. This is Horrible
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