Friday, April 25, 2008

What would ya do!

if ya son was at home, cryin all alone on da bedroom floor cause he's hungry..LMAO City High!

anyways man.. so the dog has a flee problem and finally went to the doc to get "fixed" you can tell he's in pain too. I feel sorry for him. The sad part is that he's been shedding all over the place.

in a way, I want to lock my door to keep these dogs from around me. They sleep next to me in my bed, they're there when I wake up, its a mes man. I hate that they're always scratching and bitin and layin next to me.. and then i have an Afro.. I dont want any flees in my head ya know .

ahh man.. WHY WHY! .. this man came and turned my light on AGAIN! .. why? iono. its daytime my lights DONT need to be on ya know.

then he's smoking a cigarette, things that i just DON'T like .. Crazy man.. I just Just just..

I think my nephew's gonna be here tomorrow again.. Oh no! cause im heading to Jazz Fest i forgot .. og well.. I'll be back to blog later..

OOO!! I SEE IT! thats cool though!

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