Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cindy asks why's "Mr. Popularity" still single

I had a chat through facebook with Cindy and i was messing with her, asking her to hook me up with somebody.. and she asked, Why Don't you have a girl friend? How Come You're single? You're Mr. Popularity ..(lol) .. it was a little more than that but thats all im gonna say.

But Truth Is, I'm NOT as popular as people may assume. I just know a load of people by doinng what I do and I'm blessed to do so. But I'm not popular. I don't have many real friends. I'm always being Used and Im tired of it. and Lastly I hadn't had a woman in years.

I'm not single because I want to be. I'm no Player. I dont have anything anyone would want. I'm just ME and Well. I'm both Respected and Disrespected because of it. I try to be good to everyone but I don't receive anything in return. .. Well infact I do. I get to hang out with some good people. I try to stay Involved with good things. yet its odd that Bad things seem to surface.

All I want is somebody to chill with in person. somebody who wont be a bore... somebodt who's "Good" so to speak. I dont want anything like the Images i see on the TV. if yall know what i mean.

But first I must Do some things to get me in the right direction. Im Nearly 25 years old and I've only been in One Relationship and IMO it only lasted 5 months. but I was blinded by the truth. I mean Its a shame when y try to be friends with somebody who just wants to remove themselves from all that is good. .

I really dont want a falure on my hands. I'm also tired of being a failure!!

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