Sunday, May 04, 2008

Lamb Sausage and Hot Duck!! .. Food!

lol yah i went to Jazz fest again today! it was great! G R E A and T ..LMAO
Frankie Beverly and Maze was there! that was the last act! and well yeah man.. Great show.. last time i saw maze was at Zulu ball and i think.. well yeah thats about all. but Maze is Great as usual!

heres a bad pic of frankie!

Captain Charles was there Great dj.. he knows the hits to please the crowd, I always listen to his saturday night shows on Ole School 102.9 ..

Yeah yeah .. Food.. Snowballs and Food .. I didnt Like the lamb as much but i managed to complete! but i loved the Duck on french.. i dont know what kinda sauce that was .. maybe Hot Duck sauce but it wa sTHICK!! and good .. i loved it ..

I got to ssee .Rebirth and another band when i first walked in.. i have some clips and pictures of that!

I also got to see my boys from the TBC do their thing Outside the festival .. As Usual! .. thats how it started and well thats how they're getting things done ..

I'll have pics up later!

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