Sunday, May 11, 2008

Things I Miss About the SBP

Living 20 years in the St. Bernard Projects was Average and Normal to me, it was all i knew. so I mist state the things I miss about living in the That Neighborhood.

And Well Here it Goes

Everybody I knew Lived Right up the Block so I didn't have to leave the neighborhood to see my friends. There was no real need to go out of the neghborhood for a groceries. unless you were making a truck load of them. LOL ..there were many neigborhood stores.

You know what, The hood was a convenience. Although many bad things happened around there. there were many good things to say about the neigborhood, its where a load of our successful people lived. We had teachers from the school living in the neighborhood too! and they were very professional people man. they just lived amongst the people they taught which was nothing really .

Wow man.. My whole family lived in the hood so every holiday was a party at grandmas .. and even when she moved out it was the same because her home was near the race track.. not far from the hood! ..yep

wow man.. its so much else i want to say but umm.. yeah I'll say it later~ wow man.. I miss my hood

speakin of that. I was around the Lafitte and They're coming down too.. its wild
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