Saturday, December 13, 2008

16 Random Things

This was a Meme From facebook, I decided to post those same 16 things here without actually making it a tag meme ya know ..

Here are 16 Random Things as it relates to ME

1 B Paul Tagged Me so I'm Doing it
2. I Listen to Smooth Jazz Music every night b4 I go to sleep
3. I'm a Visionary
4. I have Havent Had a Hair Cut since December 2007
5. It makes me happy to see people happy
6. I Try not to say much because I hate the way I sound when I talk
7. I Love Alternative Rock from The 90's
8. I don't Know Majority Of My Facebook Friends
9. I don't Smoke
10 I played Tuba from 1996 til 2006
11. I Had Lower Back Surgery in January 2003 for a Pinched Nerve
12. I've Only Had One GF.. which also means I only have One Ex .. AND I THINK SHE'S CRAZY!
13. I attended a Creative Arts School for Visual Arts Because of my Super Sketching Abilities
14. I Don't Use Profanity It just not in my vocab
15. I was The Last Band Diirector of My Old Middle school in 2004-05
16. I Am A Bandhead
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