Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Last Xmas Blues Clip Got Many Hits .Lol

 Post Revised November 14 2009, Get it Here

Everyone is still Looking for X-Mas Blues. Well I've posted it once and it had over 4500 Downloads. I still have the file and I'll be posting it here again. Most People dont realize that the skit is by Big Tyme, and Artist featured on Quad City All-Star Christmas. There are a few tunes off that disk that i am still looking for But I Remember Growing up Listening to Xmas Blues at Most.

This Skit Features Otis, and his plead to Bonquisha (his baby mama)
well yeah it was very popular in New Orleans, I heard it ONCE on the radio in houston back in 2005. That year we were missing it too.

Here's The Clip File Name: Big Tyme - Xmas Blues.mp3
File Size: 4.57MB

That Skit is legendary lol

" Bonquisha, Open The Door" I Got Some Cold Duck Baby, You Need to Open The Door, He Quackin!

Later Yall!
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