Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Take On The Hazing Situation

Generally Speaking, No Form of hazing is necessary. There are things that a band must do to create a sense of pride in their programs, but some things need to be left undone. people have spoken on the things they do that are all part of the initial process of becoming a member of the band. meaning you have to go through your first year as a person that knows nothing, sees nothing, says nothing. about the band you're in. why? because technically you're not an official member until you complete a full season in band. Why? Because in Order to get somethingm you got to go through something. Thats just how it is .. But wow man.. Know your boundaries

At many Schools all over the US cases like this one gets put on the news. But after a great event such as the Bayou Classic, and this occurring. just damages the greatness of that band. I was there at the Bayou Classic and the way things were was as if Nothing had happened to anyone.

The Directors nor the rest of the band had nothing to do with the incedent, therefore the Band and Directors positions should not be at stake. We All ove to hear the jukebox play. lets hope nobody takes that away. we just cant have that.

I hate the fact that someone explained to the news media some of the things that most marching bands do. Things Such as Accessive Workouts and Shaving Heads, Those are the fun parts. the only time it gets bad is when someone starts Beating a person with their Fists or with a weapon. They believe that its all part of becoming a man or better bandsmen and if you cant take it you're weak and won't get your Letters, and you also wont get respected by your fellow bandsmen. Thats General Unwritten rule across the board. Thats not an SU thing, Many College bands do the same thing.

On We had a discussion in the past where i basically said how i felt. I think the thread was deleted due to ignorant comments by others. My Point was that Hazing does not make a member a better bandsmen and there is no need to get battered to be part of a great organization. and no band member whether old school or new school NO ONE can come up with good excuse for beating someone.

see here

Their is no need to be putting people in the hospital to be in band. the odd part is that I know some of the cats who were involved. They're Not Bad people. The Media isn't taking it way out of context. its the students who have put themselves in that position. I'm here reading Articles and on TV. Its just a shame that all of this is about one Section. The Mellophone Section.. A few of them atleast. taking part in the Hazing. The only exaggeration of the incedent is where somebody said it ws similar to a Satanic Ritual and Devil Worship. it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT!! .. its supposed to be about pride and becoming one with your section. but BEATING some one to become your "Brother" is FALSE BROTHERHOOD and should NOT be part of any org.

if anyone reads this and takes it personal, please note that it was just my beliefs..

There is a big Double Standard I hope This doesnt cause these bands to eliminate the Crabbing Proccess as a whole. I Cant Imagine seeing the jukebox s without Baldheads in them suits. I can't blame the dude for talking. but I believe that non bandmembers have been talking to the media as if they were band members. technically the bands members weren't allowed to discuss it.

thats a pic i took at the game and some of the suspects are in it. I hope they dont go to jail for this. I also hope that those in the hospital make a speedy recovery. Where a motto is "Pain Is Temporary, Pride Is Forever" Some things are Best Left Un-Done. Know Your Boundaries. You're Being a Grown Man you have to Know when to stop and Think about the Consequinces of your actions Prior to setting up this kind of thing.

I've talked to a few bandsmen Myself and all they can do is hope for an outcome that doesnt get them put in jail. other than that. they really can't speak of the events because they werent there. Therfrore People in the Media should respect their opinions and understand that these bandsmen really doesnt know what goes on in other sections of their band.

It's Good that they're cooperating with police, but man. It's just messed up and just makes the schools and band look bad.

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