Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dreaming About that Ocean

Man, I had a Dream I was Marching Back at TSU, In that Ocean ... Maan..LOL it was crazy because we were playing all kinds of tunes. and the cold part is that I got to see people I Knew. But It's like .. I Knew It was a Dream While in My Dream. yet i was Enjoying the Moment. Its Like had seen and played with people who were in Other University bands. Yet they were with Us. and I was Leading The Tuba Section as we marched In and all. Thats the funny Part. because It started out with me Coming in Late and my horn and all was already availible.

At the end I was like "i'm Gonna Holla at'chall 'Cuz I Gotta Wake Up in a bit" and I walked out and there were Them Short School Buses ... We were singing "Mini-Bus" By Barington Levy while putting our horns on the them.. When I Got on the Bus, I looked out the windo and Spit... and when I woke up.. I had spit running down my face ..LMAO!!!!!!!!!

Yep.. How Wild .. I miss that stuff man..LOL
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