Thursday, January 29, 2009

Honda Battle of the Bans 2009 Buzz

Apparently JSU and FAMU were about to fight

JSU and Texas Southern had a lil ghetto Drum Clinic

FAMU was apparently Mad that JSU members played Their Music Differently

When they spelled Honda 2009.. JSU was the Number 2 but it looked more like an Octagon.

VSU and Tuskegee have been to nearly Every Honda BOTB but PV supporters Dislike the fact that Texas Southern Has been To Honda Twice ..

Edward Waters College was the Most "Hig Stepping" band there..

NCA&T and JSU got the most house than everybody..

According to the pictures. many of the Spectators showed up Late. and then went to top levels...

FAMU had 44 Tubas... They Even Announced 44 in their field show, but Everybody claim they saw 50+

Everybody Assumes that Honda Has a Winner, and Then they assume that the winner is always going to be a SWAC or MEAC band.. Therefore I Announced Fayettville and Kentucky State as Winners ..LOL Why? because people are too dumb to realize that a Showcase is not judged.

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