Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just My Imagination..

I just saw my Favorite episode of Tales from The Crypt, Titled "Just My Imagination". It was about a Comic artist who cheated on his wife. she wants to make him take experimental fertility Pills. when he does. His Artwork comes to life.

When I was Young I remember seeing that episode and Imagining my drawings coming to life. They were never Monsters, they were just regular things. or some random fictional character of my own creation. but they were cool. LOL

Now that I'm older and have seen this episode again. I realize that The Sketches used were probably also Sketches used during the creation of scenes in the episode. which is also cool

Right now I'm watching Tales From The Crypt " Lower Berth" Episode ..

The Chiller Network is a BEAST!

You know something wild though, Every time I see The Tales from The Hood, Movie "Boys Do Get Bruised" Sketch. I Think of That Episode of Tales from the Crypt. because it has similarities. I have seen movies that have similar plots/settings since then. such as Godsend reminds me of the 6th sense and also reminds me of that Tales from the Hood Sketch.

I think its cool though...
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