Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Orleans Where art Thou?

Question of the moment...

How could you Renew A City Plagued By Crime?

New Orleans, Where the Civil War is Every day.. Civilians are at war with themselves.
Vigilante Criminals Just Killing people Randomly. Not only over Drugs or Money.. It's just because they have nothing better to do. What Kind of animals are they? We tend to blame Bad parenting, we blame The police, we blame the school systems but that's only little to say.. because all the blame is to go on those who do the crime themselves. It's not The Good people of N.O that are doing living their lives day to day. and the Criminals are Here to stop that. I've heard of many Thefts, Murders, Kidnappings (which resulted in murder eventually) since the time i left Houston.

It's Not Easy to Remember, Yet at the same time, it's not easy to forget Those who you love... every time someone gets murdered I think of how and Why my cousin what killed. Then I think of the Other Notable Crimes that Resulted in the Death of others. Whether Low Profile or High Profiled It's Sad. It's Destroyed New Orleans and the Reputation of its people.

I talked to Ethan Brown and we discussed the fact The Quarters should not be That way, especially because you have a police district station in the area. those officers should be on Foot patrol daily. He even linked me to a blogger who said they were ready to move (that was after discussing how misguided the kids are and the todays news article.

Waking up to these News reports is just as bad as waking up to gunshots outside your door.

I Remember back when I was living In the St. Bernard Projects, there was a shoot out and we could hear the person running and yelling up the street. as well as seeing the cars pass. that same night I went to lock my door and when I passed the window up I heard a Glass Break. Please note I lived on he 3rd floor. that means one of the Shooters probablly thought that someone ran up in my home. because The bullet not only broke the window. It put a hole in the back of the Cabnet case we had sitting in front of that window. .. Hadn't that Case Been there, I would have gotten shot in the head..

I have never told anyone that other than My talking to my family about it Because they were in the same room at the same time of the shooting ...Thats's the Kind of things that happens all the time in this city too. I know somebody who was shot in the head because somebody thought he was someone else... he survived. That was 2003. The year was a high murder rate as well.

We are All Tired of The Violence, But I don't want it to become a Race war. because I know the Racist are going to start doing things Innocent people just because they are intemidated by their looks....
I sometimes wonder how would people react if I took a walk in the French Quarter area alone... I say that because I could be easily profiled being that I'm a 300 pound black male. at the same time, other than historical facts, I'm not Familiar with the area, nor the people in it.. So they'd assume Im some kind of Criminal.. especially after the kind of trafficing that goes on out that way...

We all know that Crime and Murder won't completely stop, But their has to be a way to decrease the rate of the Cycle

We all Need a Revival. What Kind of Revival? I don't know ..

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