Thursday, January 08, 2009

So 2 PC's Crash in the same day

Aight, Yesterday was just Messed up, one PC crashed and I got it to work properly. PC2 Crashed by my Hard drive mishaps. After switching an to an older hard drive. my PC decided to go Bonkers, and welll it did the same junk The Vista Did

We're gonna get a New Hard drive and OS for the Vista. I'll Reinstall XP pn the current drive i have though yeah hope this works like i need it to. smh ..Lol! Man Man Man... Things Ya Do and Things People need not to See.. lol wow..

atleast I quickly removed That.. Man iono what my dad does on pc's but he is a prmary source of the cause ..LOL oh well 200 maybe $300 For a New Hard Drive? i guess Mayn .. LOL
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