Tuesday, January 06, 2009

That Xbox is Live and the PC is TRIPPIN'

So I hooked my brothers Xbox up to the Television in the Big room (where I am Now) and it's connected to my router. Yesterday while they were sleeping I updated the system and even subscribed online with the my hotmail account. its only a 48 hour thing i believe but it's made Gears of War 2 More Interesting. They Played the 360 Til 3am.. from there I went to bed... Infact. My brother's playing GOW2 now.I guess he needs points to download what ever he needs.

Now. With that said. I got up at like 3:00 only to find a crash PC. I don't know what the hell my dad does on this thing. but I had to Unplug the Hard drive to get it started again. from there I did a system recovery that DIDN'T WORK. because it didn't want to find the OS. . From there I brought it in to safe mode to uninstall some games my dad recently had put on there. and Now it's working. Note: This is the 3rd Time This PC has Been in a Crash state since we've gotten it. it's our only Vista and it's a 500gb Hard drive. I don't Need this Crashing ya know.

So My Guess was that My Dad Moved the pc desk and it may have hit and crashed the PC.. Why? because of course it was Off and usually he's on here playing them downloaded yahoo games he always puts on here. My other Option would Be the Dogs.. Why? Because 2 minutes ago i had to move both dogs from under my feet. They both like to come sit and ly near the System when anyone's on it. .. I just moved Cheddar Twice. because I don't want this thing Crashing again.

The First time It Crashed was when our Flav-Clock (lol) fell On it .. yeah I call it the Flav-Clock because it's a Large Round Clock.. something that Flavor-Flav would Wear Around his Neck..LOL.. anyway.. it fell and hit the PC...

The Second Time was when my nephew was looking for Something and he made the computer fall on the site where the Hard drive sits .. and So this time I'm guessing like i said. that the dogs knocked it over. or that the PC Desk hit the side of the system.

I just wish that this PC was in a more stable setting where Nothing can be Around it ..LOL
Not The Dogs or anything. because it seems like every time we get a new PC it gets Destroyed in the same manner as the last.

For example . The PC we had since Katrina. It was originally mine. but my dad wanted my brother to have it ... He Destroyed it by having it crash after a power outage. I now have it working properly but its fairly slow. It's on a 512 ram and a 70 gig hard drive. and when the PCs Idle its slower than ever ..LOL

anyway man.. LOL The reason I know something was up too is that when I woke up. My Music was off on my PC. meaning that My dad probably Unplugged Everything on the main PC at an attempt to fix it .. or shall i say BRAKE it ..LOL .. and I HATE when he does that. because You're not supposed to pull out plugs on a PC.. it RESETS everything and makes the PC VULNERABLE to crashes ..lol I He's an Electrician and He Act's like he doesn't know that.

He know that things Reset. but he doesn't realize that when he does that He resets the Router too. Meaning that it would have to be installed again .. Last time he did that. out router stopped working all together . Why? because HE tried to set up the connection and he doesn't realize that Its not about The Wires Only with the PC. if the router is WIRELESS there's PC programing that has to take place. But like a Dummy he does it all the time. and then Blames all our pc problems on me..

That's Like My Sisters PC I Always tell my nieces not to Install Zwingy on their PC because it's infested with Spyware and adware. Yet they still do. and have installed it in our home pc's as well. so then after. I go right behind them and remove it. they don't realize that they're the reason their PC's are Slow. yet they blame Me for putting Virus Protection stuff on there.

I'm tellin' ya man. It's Tough with these people and computers ..Lol
I just cleaned out Larry's new Girlfriend PC.. SMH.. same situation. and outdated as hell it was a Xp on Service Pack 2 so I basically Updated it and changed the Look by installing a theme pack.. it had like 7 Viruses and hundreds of spyware traits. I treated it as mine. but it's a shame that we have people in this world who knows everything about going on to the web/ download games/ myspace and all that. but they can't take the time out to figure out whats wrong with their own pc's

They have Minor Problem's The PC gets sent to ME....
But When I have a problem.... I have to put my PC in the Shop.. Why? because my Problems were things I can't fix. and I'm glad I did that in time. for warranty coverage and the fact that the company shut down afterwards ..lol Compusa. was a great company. but like they said. they were like a 3rd party vendor to the actual Distributors. which is wild. because the website it up. but there are no stores. ..LOL .. last time my problems were that My PC's LCD light stopped working and i had a bad video card. I kinda storta need a better processor. LOL

anyway, I have to log out of here to get on the Media Center To help my brother do something on this Xbox. so lets hope this PC doesn't crash no tome soon..

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