Monday, January 05, 2009

Why Jarule?

anyway man, That has nothing to do with anything.
Lets Pretend I wen't to raw.. Although I Did'nt .. LOL because i got a phone call that i needed to get around.
Umm.. yeah, Other than that. I've been Chillin' all day. I Cooked. I need to wash the dishes though. Man That was my first time doing broccoli au gratin, or as we call it " Broccoli Rice" .. It was my first time cookin' it ..LOL ,, it wan't easy for me but i managed to get it right. although it tasted buttery ..LOL The sad part is that I cooked an my brother and nephew DID NOT EAT! .. they always do it after i cook.

I've been Wasting time playing NCAA 2006 Fooball on the PS2 .. I need to get that Game from Walmart though man.. In February i plan on spending atleast 100 dollars on som goods.. yeah Underwear and 2 games ..LOL Gotta Support that BCFX ya know..
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