Friday, January 09, 2009

Unfotunate Superhero Moments..

Out Of Boredom I was Releasing some demons when I figured, well how about I write a blog about some Tragic Moments in Superhero History.. that are probably never likely to come, other than the fact that Captain America

These are going to be like those cartoon News Reports...

...Now all I need is a clever way to kill them off


Tag line: This Just In.....

  • at 4:00am today David Bruce Banner, The man believed to be Green Giant known as the Incredible Hulk has died after being Mauled By A Pack of Wild Bores. Mr. McGee Reporting live at the scene...
  • Wonder woman Found Dead in home at the age of 110, Autopsy says it was a Drug Overdose.
  • The Flash Has Broken his Ankle! I REPEAT!! THE FLASH HAS BROKEN HIS ANKLE!!
  • A man believed to be Captain Planet is in the hospital suffering from a sever case of Pneumonia. He says Global Warming is to blame.
  • The Mutated Body of Remy "Gambit" LeBeau has Been Found In Bayou St. John today. It is believed that He Drowned 4 years ago during the flood of Hurricane Katrina. Remy was A Student at the Xavier Institute.
  • Bruce Wayne was fount stabbed to death in a Gotham Retirment Home. Carved in His Left Arm was a question mark, along with the words "Riddle Me This" ..
  • Spiderman Plunges to his Death After losing his Spidey Sences in mid air...

Lol.. Okay Yall I'll Do More Later on..
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