Thursday, February 12, 2009

All That Really matters

.. Is The Truth about the which has nothing to do with anything.
So I was Fooling Around on the cam messin with a few of my folks. while on the phone discussing some things about da folks on the dance board. when suddenly we realized that the ultimate hater was back. lol but its like All is well. we'll let that Impostor stay .LOL as long as he stay's in his boundries.

The person I was talking to by phone was none other than Jermani. She Informed me of his actions even though she thought it was a female ..LOL Simple Things. I feel like this though, I really don't have time for all the Madness so I just will wait and Ban and first hand when things Get out of context. No warnings like the past ya know.

How About this Though, I'll be heading to Houston in March to Get some Footage in from Auxiliary Auditions. Should be fun. I must back up all the Photos on my hard drive though before I leave. because I may wind up having to need the hard drive space.

I'll be taking My Laptop with me after Mardi Gras. I plan on Drinking aliitle bit this year just Because I can.. KEY WORD.. PLAN ..This means that I don't Plan on Being

I have lots to do and Much to attempt @ Getting Done in the up Coming weeks.. I'll probably Blog More about that Tommorow when I come from The Aug.
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