Monday, February 16, 2009

Alla Parade was Great but Long

Okay, To start off my day, I wasn't going to attend the parade. because usually you'd go to the beginning to see the battles and then Go Home after that.. I was Called by my boy Terrell to walk the route with Behrman Middle, So I took up that offer... WHY DID I DO THAT.... lol

Alla Changed the Route from the time I was in High School and it's WAY longer. We Went through like 2 Different Cities in the same parade ..LOL . LOL Algiers had NOPD Gretna had JP's & Gretna PD . that was crazy. I haven't walked that much in YEARS! .LOL

Note Alla Parade is where The Bands always Battle it out before they head off on the Streets.
This year They brought the Hype back. but I KNOW that they were tired by the end. because I SURE WAS.

The Sad part is that I was with a Middle School that kept the everybody marching. There was a High School with us that had a Truck on the route to ensure the bandsmen can get some rest while on the route .. Thats NOT GOOD for a high school. If middle schools can do it.. They should be able to as well..

Whats Wild to Me though is that. Many of these school are bringing back the Old School & I Love It!

The Band were Great. Here's a Video From The Begining.

Karr in Purple & White
Walker- Orange & Blue
John McDonogh GREEN & Gold..

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