Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm guessing she's wants to make a decision

.. But I don't want to ask her what about. It's like. I'm looking at the Status on the Instant Messenger it says "why am I so Misunderstood?" In French. Before that she tagged me in a Facebook note that said something about being Confused and making choices that she really didn't want to make Now. In December I had a long discussion with her about some of the situations she is dealing with. One of them was basically being taken for granted. like people believe that she should be happy because she has alot and does great things. but at the end of the day she isn't doing all that good and needs a person to help her cope with emotional and physical stresses. even got that one...

On her Facebook, I see The Obvious Now that I Back tracked that Message.. It's Her Dude. He's good people but he really doesn't respond to her situations well. here's a comment on her page from her dude...

i really hate wen u get on this thing actin lik we just got so many problems its lik nothin makes u happy i can turn the damn sky pink and u will question that wat do u want from me maybe u will tell FACEBOOK so facebook help yo boi out and see wat this girl want cause obviously im not doin it

The Thing Is, He doesn't realize that He He isn't doing enough to comfort her in that manner. His way of responding to her is usually things like "Oh Okay".. you know, nothing more nothing less... He really doesn't give Incite when it's needed. and THAT is what she was lookin' 4 the day she called me. Which I ain't tryin' to make them break up. I just told her that If anything He needs to be the Main one she can talk to if he's In her life the way he is. He knows more about her than many close friends. she even told me that she really doesnt have Real friends because she can't trust them with anything. i mean you know the Convo went on an on..

... As you can see by his response though. that was something he did on purpose.. because they could have had that discussion over the phone or in person.

With That said. Honestly. I don't know exactly what to tell her. But I have my picks and chooses when to talk to her about those matters. because I wouldn't want her to think I'm trying to take advantage of the situation for my own good. That's not me ..
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