Sunday, February 15, 2009

Parade Season Has Been Partially Ruined for me

So I was heading to St. Charles Avenue while awaiting the early parade. While walking on Canal, I took a snapshot from my cam. it was Blurry, So I went to wipe my lens. From that point I picked my cam back up and I could no longer see through the View Finder. Very Disappointing. The Reason why is because My camera feel this morning. Not only this morning but The night I was at St. Aug as Well. My Camera Nolonger Works

These Things for me, as a Bandhead Especially at this time of the season. are Very Important. I feel That My whole Season has been ruined because of it. Also I was Invited to Attend Tryouts at Texas Southern to take Pictures at "Motion" Tryouts. and Although I still may go. What's the use when i don't have my camera. I plan on bringing my moms Small Kodak cam. I loved my cam because It was Semi Pro styled and I had a New Lens and All for it. Although Fujifilm is not the best camera makers in the world. the pictures Show up how I need Them Too I had a Finepix S800. It Nolonger works, I'm now in the Process of Maybe Ordering Another Fujifilm but this time the S2000HD . Unfortunately Ordering another wont help with my Seasonal loss. Unless the Cam Gets orderd and is here before Friday. ya know. That S2000 Link is at NewEgg but I'm ordering from Amazon most likely.

But Right now. My Goal is to Get a more professional camera. a Canon or Nikon. Those are the brands the Pro's Use.

I was With My Sister after Leaving that Parade Dissapointed. The Odd part is that I attended a party at my Grand Mothers house "The House" .. and everybody wanted to know where my camera was. I was SO BORED without a camera. Eventually I'll take my moms camera out for the season. The sad part is that It's Not the same.

I believe that my love for the art will be the main reason I began to apply for Random Jobs. I really need One Thousand Dollars Really fast. I really Feel Empty without a Camera on my side.

If Only There was a way of raising this money for A Nikon D90 it's what I Desire In a Camera.

Now all i need to know is What do I do with Two Broken Cameras?

Can Somebody Help me Figure THAT out?
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