Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So I was Reading some old entries

I went through just about my Whole 2005 year of entries. some of them were So Pointless I deleted a number of them. you know things like Quizes that i really didnt care fore. or Just pictures that led to broken links.

I realized how My Relationship had ups and downs and it was all because The Girl wanted that Attention. I wasted a lot of Blog posts on Her. Infact I Wasted Blog space Making Extremely short posts.

I even Realized that I didn't start ending my Posts with "Note From The Book" on a normal basis untill After Katrina. In fact though. I Try to only use it Now when I'm Deep in to what I'm writing for purposes of a Signature and Common Closure or Proper Closure to one of my Deep entries ..LOL

It's just wild How meaningless my entries were There were only Few Worth reading though. at the same time. i really had no clue how I wanted my blog to be. I was just Ranting of writing down any and everything I had done at the time. at some point .. maybe after Katrina. I found where that Mark could be. I write for the myself To the world Now.. but Back then, I was just writing out of Mass Confusion and to Document Random Junk which I still do, but not as much.
I The Blog had no Form No Substance. it was Just Me Being Random & Venting all day. I think I could have been blogging about better things back then too. because some of the things I had said. I can't even remember what they really meant. lol

I was all Sprung up and Girl crazy ..LMAO! smh..
Talking about other Girls ..LOL
Meeting New People
Getting in to it with others.
All Kinds of Useless Junk..

Other than that, I deleted an Old Webpage My Ex did on Tripod Which had My Full Name there. I also Deleted Something from Names Database. I got there by mistake and was finally able to change that info today. both sites had my FULL NAME First middle and Last. LOL

I Need a New Alias ..lol

I Guess That is all I have to say for Now ..lol
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