Thursday, February 05, 2009

Some people need to get their Area's Right

Generally The City of New Orleans is Orleans Parish, Our Metro Area includes City's in our Surrounding Parishes. It's a great thing. but I hate it when people want to Claim and uphold to the brand of the city's name to promote their businesses and things, But they Back off and Remember where they Really Live when the bad things happen.

  • I believe that in places where our City Council, Mayor and Police Department have no Authority.. It's Not New Orleans. .. Where There are no "Wards".. it's not New Orleans.
  • If It Cant Be Identified as an area Uptown or Downtown .. It's not New Orleans.
  • If the city has a different Mayor, Parish President, City Council, Police / Fire Departments & Public School Boards.. It's Not New Orleans.
..LOL.. i'm just sayin ..LOL..

Here are Many Examples. of what I'm talking about (city Branding)

  • Mardi Gras is here, Every surrounding parish and City becomes "New Orleans"
  • A number of Businesses in Jefferson and Kenner Refer to themselves as New Orleans businesses.
  • Smitty's Restaurant in Kenner is where you can find the "best seafood in New Orleans"
  • New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Co. - I love Their Food. Restaurants are In Metairie, Houma, Jefferson, LaPlace, and Mandeville.
  • New Orleans International Airport is in Kenner LA.
  • The Saints Sports Facility is in Metairie.
  • Zephyr Field is in Metairie

Here are How They Speak When Crime Happens . and how they find ways to seperate themselves from New Orleans
  • We're From "Some Other City / Parish Name Goes Here"
  • Was Born at "a Hospital Other than The Ones in New Orleans"
  • Graduated from "Some Random School Not In New Orleans"
  • They tend to want to know the race of the Criminal or Victim
  • They assume he/she is black and they get demonized .. which usually nomater the rase the criminal gets the bad rap regardless.
  • If You're White They blame Mental Problems or try to give an excuse why he/she could be innocent.
  • They blame New Orleans for the rise in criminal activity in their Cities. Such as the Crime that happened in FRANKLIN, LOUISIANA which had nothing to do with New Orlenians other than Katrina Residents moved there.
  • If you have Dreadlocks, you're labeled a criminal (or a New Orleanian when outside of the city)
Generally Speaking .. On Good and Special Events and Media Days, Its all Called New Orleans . Their Comments are all about how great they think the city is and how great the Food and people are.. John McCain went to Kenner once to speak about the 9th ward During his Campaign.. That didnt go to well because people in Kenner could care less about the 9th Ward..

I have no doubt that many situations could be true. depending on When and Where a Crime happens. I just hate the fact that New Orleans Becomes the Reason Crime Exist elsewhere.

I feel like this. If you're going to seperate yourself as a New Orleanian When Bad Things Happen, You aren't a True New Orleanian To Begin With..

LOOK AT NEW ORLEANS MURDER STATS ... The Count does not consist of The Murders in other parishes. either way its SAD though Jefferson Parish wants to be New Orleans so bad that they complain or have something to say about everything as if they are so interested ... As for the Cities in St. Bernard parish.. They have a low crime and Murder rate which is GREAT.. I'd rather Them claim New Orleans before a person from Jefferson parish.

at the end of the day. I feel that You shouldn't Claim New Orleans if you denounce it as your home when things are not going well.

I am From New Orleans 7th Ward, St. Bernard Project. which had High Crime/murder ... Now living in the St. Anthony Neigborhood. Near UNO. which has little crime and no murder .. Same Ward, Same Zipcode .. and Yes I Have a Problem with Crime Elsewhere in the City because IMO it Still Affects ME.. Therefore I have to speak my mind..

.. Forget this. I quit I have something else to Blog about now ..LOL
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