Thursday, February 05, 2009

Buisnesses, Ain't Dere No More

I wanted to speak my mind about the fact that you have to leave Orleans Parish to Tend to business needs and even for general entertainment and shopping needs

Before I Do.. This here Says it all, Benny Grunch & The Bunch's "Ain't Dere No More"
Although this was a Pre-Katrina Video its pretty relevant today

.. lol Now that its over it's the Truth!

I was just thinking about the fact that there is nothing to here. there are a lot of Restaurants, Clubs, Shoe places. Grocery stores and things like that .. But there isn't really any places here to enjoy yourself. you have to go to Metairie or Harvey for That now days.

Seems like no businesses want to be here because of the Crime. but at the same time. Crime happens because there IS nothing here. .The Good Jobs.. Metairie or Across the River. Need to go See a Movie or Buy some clothes. Metairie .. No wonder you see people wearing White and Black T's .. They Sell them in Corner Stores, Truck Stops and Gas Stations.

Its like all you really see here locally owned businesses which are GREAT. but on the other hand. Those places have Single Locations. .. Or are in a part of town that I just cant get to ..LOL

In The Area Nearest Me, You have a College a High School , A Burger King, A Gas Station a Pizza Place, A WalGreens, a Daiquiri Shop a Local Diner. A Bank and a Walgreen's.. Nothing More Til 2 Blocks Down........... The Funny part is that Long ago A The Pit movie Theater was wear the Walgreen's sits today. That along with an old Times Savers store .... there was also a Grocery store on The Corner. they were there for 99 years and Katrina wiped them out.. There also was a Comic Book Store and a McKinzies .. that area is gone now though..

Every couple of blocks. its another set of Businesses Very Similar to the ones around me. but its not much you can do other than have a night life here in New Orleans.. LOL that's a Life I just dont have. You can't really SHOP on Canal anymore.. There are Hood shops and Hotels everywhere until you go toward Canal Place ... that's if u don't count the local businesses as well..

I for one am not a French Quarter person, I feel like a tourist in that area ..LOL .. There are some nice places out that way that really would make ya feel like a tourist ..LOL . Other than that.. along the River. those places are not everyday places ..The Aquarium is Nice.. but its not an every day hangout ..LOL INFACT I THINK I SHOULD GO WORK THERE!! .. that or The Zoo

anyway It kinda Sux Being in a place so Inconvenient..
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