Tuesday, March 10, 2009

After a Great Day, I Experianced First Hand Racisim on the bus in Houston. Smh

Well I went by the school yesterday only for online purposes. I guess I won’t need to go anywhere today. On my way there, I spotted my Crab Brother J. Black on the bus 2 stops before I got off. Before that I was talking to Elmo and The kat from Texas College about becoming Officially Incorporated.

Other than that, On my Journey.. I decided to do something old school. I went to the Roman Pizza Pie place in the Houston Centers Food Court. The same restaurants are there but I always ate at Roman Pie. Oddly enough, the same woman was fixing the food and they still made the Lemonade by hand .LOL. I sat there for 20 Minutes before I rode over to the school. Something told me to go eat there today.. and that was probably because I wont be heading back there any time soon.

While at the school I spent time Uploading clips online from the Student Center. That took from 3 til 6. that’s just how long I was there. Because after that. I left the place.
On My way out, I spotted my boy Raphael from P Funk. Yeah. I haven’t seen him in a while. That was cool. .. From there I went to the bus stop.

There was a woman at the bus stop speaking in a foreign language. Maybe it was something from Africa maybe. But I thought her English accent was great. I Caught the 29 to York Street. From there I took a Few Pictures of what I was around. Then I hopped on the 50 back to the house!

The Bus ride was going great until we made it to Heights at some point near the end of Heights Blvd. There was a man that got on the bus Begging for Change. The Driver asked him to please get off the bus. He argued that he was just trying to get some change. Then after He ignored her twice. So She Called Metro Police from the bus phone. The man yelled “AHH SHUT THE F--- UP YOU N----R!!!” THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE YOU N----R!! YOU ALL ARE A BUNCH OF N----RS and JEWS” The Driver just yelled STEP OFF MY BUS.. He got off and pitched rocks at the bus as it pulled off.

Now, me, I swear it was a shocking moment. Because other than on movies and TV news and things .. I’ve never experienced that kind of Direct Racism. Especially with the guys tone of voice and how he changed from a Bum to a Racist just that quick. I mean Indirect Racism I have been around my whole life. But It Really Made me want to get up and Punch the guy when He Called that woman That. The Moment was so shocking I had to Think about it for a moment.. as if It really just happened like that. It made me nervous and furious. If I wasn’t far in the back of the bust I would have pushed him off the bus myself. . I guess the reason it was so Shocking too is that. Well yeah. I didn’t expect anything like that to Happen before my eyes. Especially while on a bus In Houston. The Home of 1000 Races and Cultures.

Before getting off that bus I thanked the driver for handling that situation the way she did. She if it wasn’t so many people on the bus She would have done something. I feel her to because after that moment my head started to sweat and I just shook my head like man that was so wrong. I took my do Rag off and I just balled my fists up because I really felt like punching something…..I looked around to see if the bus had cameras, no they didn’t… but it also goes to show you what kind of people the bus drivers have to put up with all the time.

… Life huh… Oh well.. 4 years of Obama WhooHoo!
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