Monday, March 23, 2009

Everybody is getting on Twitter..

and i see why.. it's because everybody has little to say, But a whole lot of it. it seems that everybody is now fixed on One Liners and Simplicity that they have no time to make full and complete blog posts anymore. Now they all look forward to knowing what everybody is doing every Minute on the Minute ..LOL .. it's kind of silly.. its almost like Updating your facebook status every minute and having it feed to everyone..

Twitter makes Microblogging Cool. But IMO it just makes people who have LOTS to say. less Appealing ..LOL like myself.

If I want to change my status ti get Get folks attention. I do it on facebook. I really sdont need Twitter..

With that said.. People on facebooks dislike the New Facebook look. but they dont realize is that They want it to be that way. They just hadn't gotten used to it yet. LOL

lol Forget this ..LOL i Quit .......... NEVERMIND..

LOL I like the Idea of Real-Time Updates with Twitter and Facebook. but Some folks just dont get it..

at the same time, fir a Blogger like I am. I like All of Micro Blogging .. but at the same time. Less is not always More.. LOL
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