Sunday, March 29, 2009

I talked to my brother about his housing situation

So ..they told my brother he makes too much money to live in the public housing . (yeah I said that In the other Entry) He's renting from a guy who's house was put on the disaster home assistance program (DHAP) which made it "Public Housing" ....
. Now he has to move out by the end of april because he makes too much money. He was paying $641 a month ..They were going to raise it to $900.00 but after talking to the folks in the offices. about what his options were. he decided to move out. With that said. He will never be able to come back in to Public Housing system making The kind of money he makes.

He compared his situation to Pre Katrina where he made just 1 dollar an hour less. and he was able to Rent his own apartment.. He had New Furnature, appliances and everthing. and then Katrina hit. which was a Big waste of money as he would call it. Before he moved in that appartment he was still living with us. He moved out in 2005.. when he knew he could afford to stay on his own. back then his bill was under $500 dollars

alot of people assume that people living in public housing pay under 100 dollars to live there. and thats false. In The case of the projects, we didnt pay Utilities. Now we do. because we live in regular homes. So i look at it this way. For a person bringing home less than $1300.00 dollars a month. Public Housing was affordable. But since the rents are Up and there are no Projects. .. that same 1200.00 a month will make you go Hungry after paying rent and utitities..

At the end of the day.. The Home Owners Have to Eat too. so I see why the rents are so high also

But wow, I really dont think a person should be Released from the system because they CAN AFFORD to live there .lol
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