Sunday, March 22, 2009

Roll Bounce!

Apparently I'm Going Skating today on Airline Highway. LOL! I think We're supposed to be gone already. I should have been up earlier to get ready. I wanna get on the blades too!.. well not the blades but LOL I want to Roll Bounce Too!

I Receieved my new Debit Card, I still owe the bank so I can't make Withdrawls. I cant wait til Wamu turns to chase!

This is crazy man, Apparently HANO told my brother that he makes too much money to live in Public housing. they raised his rent to 900 dollars a month. CRAZY HUH? .. Why? because he makes over S11.00 an hour. So Now im like Dang.. You have to be DIRT POOR to live in Hano Housing now adays.

Its like they're getting rid of the good people and making way for those who Chose not to keep up their residential areas.

He was issued his first Rent bill which was something over 900's ..

This is all after We all had to go to Hano to the Lease papers and things like that. . Its wild, I had to fill out an Unemployment paper that way 6 pages long. They want to know too much.. I'm seriously about to go to Lowes and fill out a Job Application. because man, these people look at you like if you're NOBODY when you say "I don't have a job" .. and then they talk your biz to whomever is around them. I'm like MAAAAAAAAN, ... Its almost like Their staff looks down upon people who chose public housing..

I feel like this, .. Just because its public housing doesnt mean the people who live in there should be looked on as the scum of the earth. because i know thats how you made us feel.. for example. My Other brother is in Texas, My momma told them he's in college. She gave them his scanned ID's .. The Woman stated that his Louisiana State ID was expired.. Then she said. He has to be here in 10 days or he has to get taken off the lease. We were like. Well He does not Live Here to do so.. She was like "Cant he take a day off" .. my mom was like I dont know. He may have classes or something.

Basically The dude would have to come here Get a NEW State ID Which will take MORE THAN 10 days to get here... Then he would have to go to Housing and sign all that paperwork. . IMO he should get taken off the Lease then.. because its TOO MUCH TO GO THROUGH!!

My Point is that. They act like they don't care for a persons personal Biz, They want their Biz Done so they can Talk badly about you ..

It makes you not want to live in N.O. and like i said.. My Older Brother has to pay 900+ Now .. HE SAYS HE WILL LEAVE N.O BECAUSE OF IT!..

New Orleans is a Place where You CAN'T PROGRESS. because The SYSTEM wants your Money!
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