Monday, April 06, 2009

The “H” Word | My Response

After Reading a Post on I decided to post a comment on their site blog.

Here's the Entry

................. My Reply Below...

There’s no need to physically nor mentally abuse a person.yet, there is a standard that must be lived up to In each marching band. the kind of standard that gives them a reputation whether good or bad. Although intense levels of Recreational Training and required to Motivate its member in preparation for upcoming event. Hazing does not make a person better at anything. it actually hinders their abilities to perform at a 100% Level.

In my Opinion, with the SU incident, alot has been exposed about the section crossing and Crabbing process. Some that even takes away from the Traditional meaning of being a crab..

Crossing your section is always optional. it also has very little to do with being a crab. if you’re an upperclassman that hasn’t crossed your section, you have no authority as an upperclassmen. also even though your in a section with a fancy name. You have no rights to claim that name.

Honestly, outside of the band you’re a member of.. nobody on campus nor on other school campuses cares about what section-letters you have. they just want to know if you’re in the band, and the instrument you play. once you leave the band. those section letters mean nothing, they’re only there for Reputation purposes.

With that said.. when you think of the best HBCU bands. their names are Synonymous with Hazing, Southern U. and Florida A&M are two of the greatest bands in HBCU history. From a members stand point. they would probably think that hazing was the reason they’re good.. when Actually its not..

at the end of the day, Their is no legitimate reason to take part in hazing acts or as a crab to take abuse as part of crossing your section.

Sometimes the current members just don’t see see it that way..


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