Monday, April 13, 2009

My Easter Weekend was good

Despite hearing about those Killing across the river saturday, and gunshots at 12:20am today while i was out... my weekend was good..

I went to The Alumni band practice, Hopped on a horn and messed my lip up ..LOL! .. Just Imagine band members from some Top SWAC colleges coming together to play just for a day .. lol it's working but not well enough. LOL! My day was fun tho.. I ended that one with a Smoothie .. from there I only had 2 dollars my name.

.. I spend that Two dollars yesterday on a mountain Dew... which it was still before 12 when we got there.. On out way back though we heard Gunshots.. Police came out Fast as hell with no lights on Lookin 4 who ever it was...

My Easter was Cool though.. because The whole day i was with Charles & Shane from Clark. Them boys is some fools! .. we were headed to a frat gathering on the lake. but they Cancelled.... so we headed across the river to Booker's House ..(yeah thats his last name) they started to BBQ and well, yeah We just Left before it all really got poppin.. we went to Shane's folks house uptown.. It's very nice looking around there. Almost looks like a pleasant place to stay. yeh... Before I got there though we passed up some Stuff. I guess there was an Easter parade out there.. I saw Booker T High School Which i think they Closed down for good.. A DJ (Block party) on the Neutral ground .. I thought that was funny cause i never saw a party on the Neutral grounds of a Main street before than.... Well, except for mardi Gras, but that doesn't count. Children with Snowballs Ice Cream and Frozen Cups .. LOL! Funny!

From there we headed by Charles' Baby mommas house ... Has a Funny situation talking to their folks But it was cool because they were good folks! It was our first time meeting his girl and all ... but there was a weird situation with shane's best friend being an odd connection to the both of them.. Basically it would have been alot of confusion had shanes best friend come to her houe.. so to save that situation she called charles outside and they talked and argued and... so on .. I was in the house talking to shane and her brother ...I passed gas outside because I didn't want to do it Inside ..LOL and they Still heard it Then came outside laughing. .... but yeah.. so after all that mess (lol) .. (after I ate).. they came .. back in the house. She told us they broke up.. But we still stood there til after Charles ate.. charles didnt speak on it but i knew he was the one to call it off .. i was like wooow this is odd...

After we left. we went to charles apartment and chilled .. and Then yeah we went to the Store to get some drinks and like i said in the begining. We heard the shots on our way back.. i was there for a good 2 hours foolin around with his music equipment. .. that fool said "pardon my apartment" i said man Ion'care ..LOL! but it was junky .. infact let me say it the N.O way . it was Jonkey (lol) .. but it was cool
.... it's cool because man, they used to roll with my boy Brandon from Phillips who also went to clark.. .That dude was one of my good friend .. as from the looks of it. Them boys is some Fool!! .. LOL..

I might have to start rollin with Charles more often because that fool is special ..LOL!! shew man in the past 3 days i found that their are more folks I know around this area now than anything .. well astleast along this street ..

I got inside at about 1 .. I usually dont stay out at all.. We didnt go clubbin or nothin but that was cool to me ..LOL i know i had a good nights sleep I can tell u that much!
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