Friday, April 03, 2009

Now That The New World Order is Emerging

I Guess We Can go ahead and Act Stupid because our constitutional rights will be non existent soon. at the G-20 Summit of World Leaders; They basically Discussed the Financial situation and the unifying of nations as well as The Banks. Recently They Just gave A Trillion Dollars to The World Bank. WHY??! EVERYBODY IS BROKE!. This is why We OWE so much.. Everybody in America is in Debt..

With that said... I was watching the George Brown Speech and He basically said what was in My Title Line.. The New World Order is Emerging. and The Plan is now being Established.

This Video Explains it.

As that was going On, There were Riots happening all over the place. Many of the Rioters Were POLICE!!!... YES THEY WERE. why? they Claimed that They were their for Security. but according to The News, They were Out of Uniform Instigating Violence.

A Photo Gallery

The Wild part is that They Circled the Area of the protesters to make sure they Stood where they were. to Burn themselves out til they physically couldn't do it any longer.. Wild Huh?

Now. I have been paying attention to this in a Biblical perspective for a long time. But Understanding the Political side make it all come together. Such as today. After this big world Meeting. America Focuses on the 13 Deaths at the American Civic Association Building in New York. A place where Immigrants become registered Americans. which means Majority of the dead are Foreign.

On Fox News at the time this was going on. They were speaking of the Joint Terrorism Task force coming in along with the SWAT teams and state police. My Question is. Is this Terrorism? well Yeah It Obviously is. But Generally Is it the Kind of Terror to Arrest the Innocent as a SECURITY MEASURE? .. Im telling you folks. Its About to Happen!! .. The Global War Has Begun! .. (yeah i know i went overboard with that one ) .. But I tell you folks.. The Laws that will be enforced will only against us.

Here's a Commercial that used to play on MTY... What If...

Check This out Though

Readiness Exercise 1984
- Martial Law folks..

Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007
Another Form of Martial Law Folks. .. They're Trying to protect US from US. Crazy Huh?

Posse Comatatus was the Law to Prevent This .. But.. It No longer Exist Due To Katrina Martial Law was already in New Orleans .. .. and Now All over America The UN's 3rd infantry Brigade Combat Team is Here in America to Apparently Prevent Domestic Disturbances .. Oh Really? These are Not American Soldiers. They Should

I remember they used to Train in The N.O.. smh..

Ever since Katrina I've been ON THIS stuff. Why? Because its Very Informal and an Eye Opener. It allowed me to realize The Bigger Picture.. Its A TRAP!! For Example .. We ACCEPTED FEMA FUNDS and THAT IN IT SELF WAS PART OF THE PLAN!!.. FEMA is not Here to Help You, They're here to OWN YOU ..Remember . FEMA OWES NOBODY. When you Owe Them.. They Want YOU!..

.. Its a shame.. The WORLD Crisis.

.. G-20... Are The worlds Top Circle of Masons.. "The Master Masons" the Plan that was set out in 1776 is about to take place is coming.. Maybe not All of them. But they all are For the same thing!

In Due Time though. We must Protect Ourselves. Stay True to Bible Principles and Don't Be Misled by The "False Prophets" so to speak. They will be at your Door quoting Scriptures like Romans 13 to abide by law . It will Be Do or Die..

But You gotta Believe and know What The Right Thing To do Is and stay on a positive Track ..

Romans 16:19
For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf: but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil.
Gotta Stay Focused!

Now, I know many people who read this may criticize me for this. but I'm Somewhat of a Theorist about these kind of things , I love to Find Connections between Things and its actual meanings. even if i never find out the actual Truth. There are Many Things we Must Open our eyes to as a People. Not Just as Seperate Races. because the Plan is bigger than that. Connecting Bible Prophecy and The Theory of Conspiracy all seem to add up at times.. Thats Just The Way I See it. Many people do like to look at it from the Political side .. I see it as the Formal Beginning of The End Times.

I just hope I didn't offend anyone..

.. I'll Blog More about this later. I've always wanted to express my feelings about these kind of situations.

Note From The Book
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