Monday, April 13, 2009

Something I just dont get..

Aight, Why is it that when I'm on Facebook this dude finds the need to Text Me when he sees that im online.. Note. I dont have a fancy fone. Maybe he doesnt either because If that was the case, he would be sending his txt to facebook.

Its like every time I post something on Facebook, instead of him commenting to my page. he sends me a Text messege in Caps Font like "WHUDD UP" and "AY BRUH I C WHAT U ROTE" Im like dang man I wrote this on facebook.. LOL .. last time this kat ran up my text because he wanted to Text about what I put on facebook .. .. Why not just REPLY TO WHAT WAS SAID or POSTED ONLINE!

its like as soon as he knows im on, I get a Text ..Just Send Me a Note on The Site. That way u dont Waste my Txts!!
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