Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Aight I just Blocked this fool

Don't come at me stupid and assume im gonna give in. BLOCKED.. now all i got to do is block his number too.

Aight here's the deal. .. Guy adds me as a friend on Facebook. I accept under the assumption that he was just coming to see the pictures from this past football season... Note .. I let anyone b my facebook friend. I've never had to Block anyone but This time not only did i block. I reported him. Why? I was offended. He asked Sexual Questions and even posted a link of himself on xtube to my chat box.. I clicked out as fast as i clicked in and I told him I wasnt gay and that I just try to accept folks for who they are. .Thats when the Questions began.. I assumed he'd leave me alone after i told this guy that I wasn't in to anything of that nature.

He was like Oh Okay and logged off.. Then I logged back on and he started asking more questions and things. I responded "Nope" to them all.. then I logged off. .. at 2:20 something I recieved a Txt Messege which said "Hey Big Sexy" from a 318 number. so I knew it was him. I only know a few people from that area and their numbers are In my phone. so i asked Ashley what I should do, because i didnt want to just block him. she said. DO IT! .. so I was like..yeah i guess that'll work.. So as i said in the begining. I Blocked and reported him. Now i see that it doesnt show his page as even existing on facebook. I guess that has to do with the Blockage of the page. Good thing huh?

I don't discreminate .. but I also don't play them gay games.. I felt violated
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