Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Moment in Wiki

So i've been searching for Wiki host for a while and I came across a site called Wikidot, It looked pretty good, Stated that it allowed Adsense as well as easy editing. .. Well I tried it. It wasnt as EASY as i thought it was.. the day after I set it up. I shut it down.

Now After running through many websites just to View how their Wikis work. I Remembered hearing about Wetpaint. which is a Wiki-style Website. I Have a Feeling That it would be great to start. on the otherhand. its not really the same kind of Social Wiki I'm looking for. I may have to bookmark Wetpaint for something Useful later.

Although I will be doing a wikipedia page itself for our org. I would like to have our own wiki domain created specifically as an online info database for editing and safekeeping purposes.

There are some at this Link that I have been looking at. Mashable Mashes up Everything!. I'll try to look at it more monday though. .. I've been to some of those links before. It's that link is actually bookmarked on my laptop. I just havent tried many of the sites.

tomorrow (today) will be a busy day. I'll be gone! .. AHH I have to finish washing some Clothes too. so BRB!
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