Friday, May 01, 2009

The Last Day of the Fro

The Other day while @ The Lake, my sister snapped this pic while i was lying down.. at this point It's the Last photo you'll see of me with my hair out like that. It's much larger in public.. Well, Today in about an hour. It's getting Cut OFF! .. Isn't that great.

To Be Honest. For the past month or so I've been looking for work and i felt that It would be a good time to get rid of the hair for purposes as it relates to Jobs and Interviews. and Besides. My older brother keeps Telling me "U need to Cut You Hair off Because Nobody will Hire you. with your hair like that" .. Note I usually wore my hair Slicked Back when it's not braided. But he says its not Presentable or professional. So although I never respond to him saying that. I Have seen many Braided up and Locked heads.. EVEN MOHAWKS in the work place. IN and Outside of New Orleans. even people that work with him. I know he see's this. but do they "Have to cut their hair" NO!..

Now also. IMO, I do feel that a person on the job should have a clean appearance depending on what they do in the fields they're In. but man. it's not Required that you get a hair cut to work at a Store like Wal-mart. I'm just sayin. LOL.

Then this brings me to some other stuff. Does Hair Rules of this kind even matter to people of Other races? I'm just saying... you don't see anyone telling a Vietnamese person that they cant wear their hair the way they do. (which is normal for them). But they dont have to get a Buzz Cut for a Job. Yet for some reason its not natural for a black male to have hair over 1 inch.. why? lol ..I'm just saying.

I Have been growing my hair since December 2007, now suddenly My brothers bringing up that God says Such and such about hair. when I already Know that it only applied to That of Paul's Church Rules and not what God said. Everybody has rules. Those rules dont apply everywhere. Speaking of that, I wonder why Jesus is potrayed to have Long hair if it was such a bad thing? ..LOL SEE.. BAM There you have it.. Pauls Rules ..LOL

We'll Hey. I'll be Off to get that Cut. Lets hope my head doesn't look stupid Afterwards ..LOL

It's TIME!!!

My Next Blog Post will be about that SWINE. lol smh.. i shouldn't be lauging about it. but hey I don't think its gonna be a big problem..

I'll Be Back Later.. ..

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