Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oooh Yes!!

I've been working on a website for The Frat. hopefully it comes out nice. I talked to Elmo about it. Instead of him writing a Message He will be most likely doing a video for entry. so basically the site will probably be Simple as hell being that im going through but it Will work for the organizations standards. Webs doesn't give me the full freedom that i thought it would. but It's very easy to use. hopefully I'll have the site up and running with detailed info. I'm not allowed to put the Complete history so I'll have a modified version of our history on the site.

2nd thing's.. I was awaken from my slumber to do something for my dad. unfortunately he uninstalled software that he didn't realize what was was Only Software. He was trying to print a PDF and did some STUFF.. I had to Reinstall it as well as remove other software. to get that done..

So I went back to sleep and I woke up to get he Baby.. in my email there was something i had been waiting for. and although its business related. it's enough.. that voice.. wow It's a shame that Im like this. i never thought i'd be holding a phone conversation with her. But hey, My services are Needed therefore I'll do what I can. .. talk about a mutual respect ..LOL!

"ahhhh wub* LOL
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