Tuesday, May 12, 2009

These Kats dont Apprecaite nothing.

I'm Not Your Maricle worker. So this kat calls me at 8:30 asking me to get sTu's Homecoming parade schedule so he can "Tear up ford" little did he know Ford is not at a high school.. Aint nobody tryin to save anybody.. I just dont feel like getting you the info that you could get yourself!...

So Basically he Calls me to ask for ^^ That .. so the band he's with can attend the events. I told him that The Info is on the website.. But NO. he claims the Internet doesnt pick up the site. Thats's a LIE.. yet he wants ME to CALL the school to ask? .. Dude its 2009 everything is on line.. They want to use me for everything and dont appreciate what I do.

I dont even appreciate being called at 7 and 8 am to do "Favors".. MY DAY AINT EVEN START YET.. I HAVE NO FOLGERS IN MY CUP YET.. ya feel me ..lol

These kats act like I'm Jesus the way they call on me... it's always when they NEED something..

Now. I do love to do things for people. Most of the time Unexpectedly .. But dawg. Don't Use me at your convenience to get over on me.. and then at the end of the day you dont apprecate my work.. Calling me at 2, 6 amd 8am cause YOU WANT SOMETHING FOR FREE?? dawg I aint Jesus, My Work aint Instantanioous .. But it seems like they All Call me to TELL ME that THEY NEED ME..

This is why i usually have my phone LOW in the AM!.. I don't appreciate Being awaken from my slumber for Dumb junk that doesnt involve me.

Note From The Book

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