Saturday, May 16, 2009

Overwhelmed with Joy

That's exactly how I'm feeling now. although today was my Uncles Dads Funeral. I got a chance to spend time with the family. My grand mother. came in. My Cousin Darryl and his fam. one of his twins are named after me it was great. I showed him some footage of his earlier life. LOL.. i guess after a day of cryin' he needed it.

oh. like i said though. I'm very happy that Airee likes the flier.. I feel appreciated. for me Just talking to her is great. I posted the info on the band websites. I do what i do, because I can. I enjoy making people happy, it makes me happy. but especially with it being someone i care that much about ..LOL yeah it's a great feeling knowing she's pleased with my work.

AHH!! I told J about the ring tones i set for bother Her and Airee, she called when my cousin had the phone. and her pic and tone played on screen. she asked if it was my girlfriend NOPE is what i told her that's my buddy. Jermani knows she's my hunnie (one of my best female friends) .. Yeah .. mmhmm

Lastly, Ethan hit me with the NEWS!! .. His Book is Now published and will release in September. The title is "Shake The Devil Off: The Story of a Murder that Rocked New Orleans" written by Ethan Brown. You can pre-order it at Amazon. Why did he inform me? well. because The Idea for the title came from a blog entry of mine back in 2007 titled "Throwdown For Chanel" Although the song titled "shake the devil off" is Dorothy Norwood's black gospel classic. It's the way I worded the Entry that Inspired him to use it as a Title.

I had lunch with him back in 2009, he told me that he was working on the story. We discussed that case, my cousins murder as well as other matters of the city. Crime being the main focus. He told me then, that he got the idea from me. I was happy to know. But now that The Book is actually published and on sale. I'm even happy to know that I'm credited for the Title in the acknowledgments section. .. For me Knowing that I my name will be mentioned in his book. is amazing. I really appreciate it!

I'm not a writer. I have bad grammar. but shew If i was an aurthor I'd have a story to tell for every day of my life..... But wait .. That's why I have a Blog.. LOL!! .. with that said. THE BOOK HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN PUBLISHED!! HAHA!!

I Feel Great about that. Although the week was slow man.. I'm very happy.

Note From The Book
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