Saturday, May 30, 2009

So My Brother has 2 weeks of Summer school

Looks like one of his teachers failed everyone. Now it's gonna cost my folks $800 to send him to a school they have no clue where it is..

Now. With that said .. for the past year. I've been having problems with this dude coming here with his company, not doing what I say (such as chores), talking back to me and so On and So Fourth.... Now Just yesterday A letter came in the mail stating that he has to go to McMain this summer fro 8am til 2pm because he Failed P.E.... yes .. P.E. . and world Geography parents are upset! .. he got fussed at after coming from the Show about not doing what he was supposed to... Earlier that day, I got a call from my Cousin.. I missed it, She called Later saying that Her Son Also failed the same Class.. .. She Called Back way after my mom got on my broher... she told me that The teacher also failed the Rest of The 9th grade class on purpose. I think thats Wrong!!

On the other hand.. My brother still failed P.E. and I seriously thing Thats RETARDED!... At the same time.. She Took away his Games for the summer which was a good thing. And told him he cant have Company.. Especially the kind that sleeps over.

I was laughin because IMO its "Payback" .. why? because he doesnt do Anything to make my day easier around here.. He also got my nephew in trouble too.

It's like they do things without thinking.. .. P.E. Though Bruh??? ya know mayn!!
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