Friday, May 01, 2009

Touching on some Current Topics

First Things First.. The Fro Is Gone!! ..LOL I'll Show yall a photo later on.

Secondly: Gov. Jindal Finds ways to spend the Money on tourism and Entertainment and Darryl D. Smith Speaks out via Facebook wall post.

Darryl D. Smith: sees that it's time for DDS to jet from the Boot. How does our "leader" Governor Bobby Jindal find money for a chicken plant, the New Orleans Saints, and pay raises, but cut Health and Education. Isn't that the two things Louisiana sucks in? Maybe I'm not smart enough to understand..
From There I Replied with this thought..

Louisiana makes more money from Tourist therefore the dome renovations go full speed ahead.. The state owns the dome and Tom Benson will soon own the Office Building/Mall Next door do just imagine how Rich They're getting off of the Superdome ..Entertainment cant help the people. its just a distraction from reality

From there another guy mentioned that Gov. J plans to raise Taxes in the areas of Health & Education, which is the reason he left that out of the state budget. .. I for one Believes that is true..

THAT SWINE: The "New" Flu that's Been Around since the 70's.

Alright, Just like Bird Flu, People believe that It's a Pandemic. I have the same feelings . But after watching a few Videos from the past and some New footage from Alex Jones. It all seems to come together and it could be a Small step at Population control. At the same time I don't think It will work. Yet, The News papers are already printing that it is predicted that 1500 cases will show up all over america and Many will probably Die from it.

My Question to that is, How Do They Know for SURE? especially being that so "Little" is known about this "New" (1970's MAN MADE) Flu ... which has no Real Symptoms.. Looking at This Video would make you Spooked out about the whole Idea.. They make the Flu sound like Aids .. Or even Worse ..

Now This Video Below Made of Small Movie Out takes puts it in the "End Times Perspective" if u know what I mean

Swine Flu
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